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My child is currently dealing with *ridiculous* separation anxiety.… 
3rd-Nov-2014 11:34 pm
My child is currently dealing with *ridiculous* separation anxiety.  I was lucky enough to find an amazing babysitter so that I could still go to orchestra rehearsals while my husband is in the field (AKA extended training for deployment).  I had the sitter come and meet Jane, of course, and at that time Jane was a little whiny with her, but she warmed up to her semi-quickly.  Since then, the anxiety has gotten SO much worse.  Both times that I've left her to go to rehearsal, she completely loses her shit.  Both times, the sitter told me that Jane cried until it was bedtime - even while eating, she cried in between swallows.  She's just SO attached to me, right now.  Maybe that's just normal infant behavior?  All I know is that a couple of months ago, she was all smiles with everyone, and now it's progressed to this.  She's not an incredibly fussy baby, really - sometimes she'll go days without much crying at all - but that's all as long as I'm with her.  It's nice to be needed, but I HATE to see her go through so much anxiety at being away from me.

My solution for the moment is to have the sitter come hang out with us while I'm still there.  Hopefully Jane will learn to be okay with my temporary absences, soon. :/
10th-Nov-2014 05:20 pm (UTC)
I seem to remember something about separation anxiety peaking at this age. Hang in there <3
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